Deep Quarantine Thoughts

Well hey there, hello! I’m looking at my blog going “HOW IS IT ALREADY SEPTEMBER?!” I find it difficult to believe that the last time I wrote a post, the global pandemic had yet to take over our lives here in the states. Indeed, I find it surreal that I’m even writing the words “global pandemic,” and no longer cringing in disbelief.

The last time I wrote a blog post, I was days away from finally opening my Etsy apothecary, and was well on my way to honing a decent system with my labels and tinc-making, and so many of the what-have-you’s associated with running a small business. I look at the calendar and I can hardly believe that was “only” six months ago. It truly feels like another lifetime!

But I believe deeply in the ways of the universe, and trust that literally everything that happens in life offers a lesson, if one is willing to do the work of paying attention. So, even though my life (and everyone else’s) had to swiftly and dramatically change in the wake of the pandemic, I still feel oddly at peace with regards to my business. It’s so lovely and interesting, to be honest. Interesting because the version of me I was in the past would feel a lot more frantic about how to continue running a small business during this crazy time.

But instead, I feel completely at ease and in no rush to accomplish any tinc business by any arbitrary sort of deadline. I feel filled with gratitude every time I brainstorm a recipe or spend time learning about an unfamiliar herb. And it’s a beautiful thing because I’m finding myself falling more and more in love with the plants I’m working with: they are helping me to manage the chaos better, and really, they are showing me how to be a better version of myself, day by day. (Sounds cheesy and I don’t even care because it’s just plain true!)

It’s like, I slow down when I’m thinking about and working with my plant friends. I start feeling their rhythms, and getting a better sense of how everything really is connected, and that Mother Nature knows exactly what she’s doing πŸ₯°

So. I stopped by my blog today, and was honestly thinking about writing a post about the amazing ginger honey I just made πŸ˜‹ But it occurred to me that I have something bigger to say (even though ginger honey is pretty damn amazing πŸ˜‰). That’s why I’m here scratching the surface of that bigger thing…trying to articulate what it is that I love so much about these tincs I create.

One of these days I aim to find the time for more blog writing. I really do love writing, and combining this art form with my herbal passion is definitely a good look for someone like me. But the cool thing is that this blog, and every single aspect of my business will all be there when I’m steady and focused and ready to dream big and BUILD. For now though, I’m fine with dabbling as I have time and trusting that when the time becomes right, I will abide. (And trust me, abide i shall πŸŒΏπŸ˜‡)

I’ll let you know when I’ve got some more tinc-filled happiness coming your way! In the meantime, thanks for checking out my deep quarantine thoughts…I wish you all health, love, and a cup of yummy tea πŸ΅πŸ’•



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