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Customizing Shampoo with Essential Oils: A Review of the Argan Oil Blend by Maple Holistics

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about hair ❤️

Like most people, I love it when my hair feels healthy and pretty ☺️🌿 But, I find that that isn’t always the easiest balance to strike! In an effort to find that balance though, I’m always experimenting with all kinds of hair remedies: I’ve gone no-poo, done lots of ACV and baking soda, made countless hair masks with all kinds of funky things like avocados and honey and cinnamon…and while those things have oftentimes worked well, sometimes a girl just wants a straight up healthy shampoo. Because for me, it’s all about trying different things, while not breaking the bank or having my methods be too time-consuming.

Enter @mapleholistics 😍

I first found this amazing brand when searching for an affordable brand that:

🔘 is sulfate and paraben free

🔘 contains natural ingredients I can actually pronounce

🔘 ACTUALLY WORKS, meaning, makes my hair look, feel, and smell great

🔘 doesn’t break the bank ($8.95 for 8 oz. bottle with $1 off coupon and free shipping for Amazon Prime members)

I gotta say, this brand checks all those boxes for me! ✔️✔️✔️✔️

As far as customizing my shampoo, I just love adding a few drops of different oils to the base blend of shampoo I’m using. I usually pour out maybe 2-3 ounces into a separate container (this way, I can customize multiple times per bottle!) and add whichever drops of oil my hair is craving. I choose the oils according to the needs of my hair, which depend so much on the time of year and whatever I currently have going on. Check out this chart I made that helps me decide which oils to add to my shampoo:

As far as the Argan Oil Blend from @mapleholistics that I’m currently using as my base, here’s what it claims:

“Get glowing and flowing locks with our argan oil shampoo. Native to Morocco, argan oil, also known as “liquid gold” locks in moisture and deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair. Our shampoo gently cleans without stripping hair of its natural oils to leave your hair silky smooth, instead of dry and frizzy. It helps strengthen and protect hair follicles and strands against breakage, split ends, and hair fall. Peach kernel, almond and jojoba oils add softness, volume, and shine. Our shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free making it great for all hair types, color treated hair, and sensitive skin.”

Considering I just had a baby and am dealing with the literal hormonal fallout associated with that, here’s my thoughts about this Argan Oil Blend:

✔️My hair feels fuller

✔️My hair feels silky and smooth

✔️My hair feels strong and healthy

✔️I notice positive benefits immediately after use

Please note that I’m currently adding the following oils to my Argan Oil Blend base:

🔘 2-3 drops rosemary

🔘 2-3 drops lemon

🔘 1 drop peppermint

🔘 1 tiny drop of castor oil (locks in moisture)

As you can probably tell, I’m loving this product! My hair feels great and equally important, I feel great knowing I’m supporting my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Check out this product page and blog post for more information:

Product Page




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