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My Love Affair with Essential Oils

Okay so “love affair” sounds dramatic, but seriously, ever since I started experimenting with essential oils, I’ve become totally hooked. In a super amazing and life-changing way!

When I think back, it’s hard to even remember a time I wasn’t using one oil or another for some kind of healthy purpose. It’s as if oils have been a part of my life forever! The main point of my story is this: falling down the rabbit-hole of essential oils has been one of the most empowering and wellness-enhancing experiences I’ve ever had! I am legitimately always thinking about oils in some capacity, whether it’s the uses and/or benefits of a specific oil, an amazing blend I’d like to try creating, a new product I’d like to experiment making…and the list goes on.

So here I am, raising a toddler and 35 weeks pregnant with baby number two, and I guess it’s a testimony to my inner entrepreneurial spirit that I decide now is the time to start my essential oils business πŸ˜‰ And on paper, sure, it sounds like crazy timing. But here’s the thing: there’s ALWAYS going to be a reason not to start the thing you’re interested in pursuing. The timing will never be totally perfect. So really, I think it’s all about how much you want something.

For me, I simply get endless joy from oils. I find so much goodness in thinking of ways to reduce yucky synthetic chemicals in the daily lives of my family and go increasingly green with every new blend I make! The possibilities are so fun to explore and I smile every time I think about the benefits I get to provide my family — and now my customers πŸ™– with all my handcrafted creations.

So for me, opening a little shop happened totally organically. One day it was like “duh,” of course I should pursue a project like this! And sure, there’s a lot of details and work involved, but it’s seriously SO fun that it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like unadulterated joy ❀️

For the record, I have tons of fun plans for this platform. I’m going to showcase my products, share what I’ve learned so far, keep everyone tuned into my ongoing education as it evolves, and other fun surprises as well πŸ˜‰ I also want to give a shout out to all my friends and family who have supported me in my endeavors and also to each and every one of you ❀️ I know there’s a million places to buy and learn about oils and so your attention is very humbly appreciated.

Have a great day and hope to see you soon 😘